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Architect: Gehry Partners LLP

06/03/25 concert

Accardi, Fontana, Schmidt

exhibition "MARTa as inspiration"

exhibition "Sieben auf einen Streich"


Exhibition design_matrix

exhibition children's world

exhibition Leere X Vision

exhibition LOSS OF CONTROL

exhibition MARTa is silent

exhibition Max Bill

exhibition "modernism"

Exhibition Susanna Taras

exhibition Thomas Huber

exhibition tupperware transparent

Exhibition Andreas Hofer and OWL 1

exhibitions Dresser, Devriendt

selection construction site

selection of finished buildings

Hans Liberg

Jan Hoet visits Dieter Rams

art as furniture in resistance

Luciano Fabro "The Ball"

MARTa 03/05/22

MARTa 03/08/03

MARTa 03/11/11

MARTa 04/06/04

MARTa 04/07/04

MARTa 04/08/04

MARTa 04/11/06

MARTa 05/02/17

MARTa 05/04/04

MARTa 05/04/12

MARTa 05/04/22

MARTa 05/05/01

MARTa 05/05/06

MARTa 05/05/18 finished buildings

MARTa 05/06/17 interiors

MARTa 07/08/01

MARTa Opening

MARTa for Family

MARTa Herford exhibitions 05/10/29

MARTa piano recital 16.12.05

Tayou & Van Severen

Vernissage Asta Groeting

workshop 07/03/10

workshop 07/05/10