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CN, China, Hong Kong, Opus Hong Kong is a 12 stories high rise residential building set against the hillside of The Peak and offers fantastic panoramic views. 12 apartments ranging from approximately 6000 to 6900 sq ft in size, with only 1 apartment per floor. Architecture by Gehry Partners LLP in collaboration with Hong Kong developer Swire Properties Neuer Zollhof Dusseldorf, the new emblem of the city, officebuildings, architect Frank O. Gehry, house A with brick facade TUR, Turkey, Istanbul, office building Maslak No.1 . A free formed glazing system is acting as a secondary facade detached up to 17 meters wide and serves as a buffer zone both for the acoustical and climatic sense and let vertical gardens in 20 meters high. The curvlinear plan of the facade is formed by 150 x 200 cm glass modules. Architecture by EAA Emre Arolat Architecture 2009-2014